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Paxton Tennis and Fitness Club offers monthly or annual payment plans and packages according to which facilities you want to use. We also have a staff of personal trainers to help you get started with fitness plans, equipment use, and water therapy.  New members receive a FREE consultation with one of our professional personal trainers!  Call our front desk at 508-755-8223 (*Free Consultation valid for 30 days from start of membership)

MEMBERSHIP RATES (effective 10/1/19)

Monthly Payment Plan (12 month contract, payment through EFT only) / Annual Payment Plan (Pre-paid only)

Tennis Full Service

$45/Month $450/Year

$80/Month $800/Year

$110/Month $1100/Year

$120/Month $1200/Year

Tennis Only

$25/Month $250/Yearr

$45/Month $450/Year

$70/Month $700/Year

$80/Month $800/Year

Fitness & Swim

$55/Month $550/Year

$75/Month $750/Year

$105/Month $1050/Year

$115/Month $1150/Year

Pool & Equipment Only

$40/Month $400/Year

$60/Month $600/Year

$90/Month $900/Year

$100/Month $1000/Year

Pool Only  

$55/Month $550/Year

$85/Month $850/Year

$95/Month $950/Year

90 Day Trial Membership   $250 $325 $350
Insurance  Upgrade   $15/Month    



  • Tennis Full Service: Includes all access of the club including equipment, fitness classes, pools and member rates for tennis.
  • Tennis Only: Tennis booking privleges, member rates for courts and clinics. Does not include use of fitness equipment, pools or fitness classes.
  • Fitness & Swim: Total fitness program including machines, pools and group fitness classes.  Non member rates apply for tennis.
  • Pool & Equipment Only: Use of pools and fitness equipment.  Non member rates apply for tennis & fitness classes.
  • Pool Only: Lap swim.  Non member rates apply for tennis, use of machines & fitness classes.
  • 90 Day Trial Membership: This membership includes all access to the club including equipment, group fitness classes, pool and member rates for tennis.
  • Insurance Upgrade: An additional membership for Tivity/Healthways members to include group fitness classes.


Adult (10-64 years old)    $15.00

Senior (65+)                     $10.00

Child (5-9 years old)        $10.00 (under 5 FREE)

*A 10% discount offered for current military, police, firefighters, first responders, and seniors 65+ for Annual pre-payment ONLY. Enrollment fee of $75 for all new memberships. All monthly memberships require 1 year commitment, early cancellation fee of $75 will apply for terminating contract.           *All memberships subject to approval.