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Time to Make a Splash

Paxton Tennis and Fitness Club is happy to announce that children's swim lessons will be run by the British Swim School.  To sign up or for more information regarding lessons please use the following contact info:

Phone #:                                    508-772-4898   Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM


Paxton Page for Enrollment:    Paxton Enrollment Page

Facebook Page:                         British Swim School Facebook page  



Total Immersion Swim Program

Total Immersion is a method of swimming instruction where the primary focus is to teach swimmers to move through the water efficiently.  Basic principles of teaching include sustainability of effort, drag reduction, vessel shaping and full body swimming.

We are pleased to be offering Total Immersion Swim Program with George Randall here at Paxton Tennis & Fitness Club!

To sign up or for more information please contact George Randall at