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Time to Make a Splash

Paxton Tennis and Fitness Club strongly believes that learning how to swim is an essential life skill. It can serve a wide range of purposes such as recreation, sporting events and competitions, and even survival.

Learn a Few Strokes

Located in Paxton, MA, we offer a complete range of children's group and private swimming lessons. Our lessons encompass different levels, from the easy going Baby and Me class to more advanced classes.

Our team of professional instructors is well-trained and highly knowledgeable in all aspects of swimming. They will teach you some invaluable safety measures, correct breathing postures and techniques, and other useful techniques that you can apply whenever you’re immersed in a body of water.


Summer Swim Lessons: Session I  July 22nd-August 2nd & Session II  August 5th-16th

Pre-registration and pre-payment are required for lessons. To ensure the quality of our classes, every session will only have 4-6 participants to allow our instructors to focus on every student. Also, there will be no refunds or makeup sessions for missed classes unless they were canceled by the club.

Children will begin at the suggested level and may be moved up or down within the session at the discretion of the instructor. Children may need to stay at a certain level for more than one session.

 Water Acclimation (Beginner l) (9:00-9:30am)

For swimmer who have not taken swimming lessons before or may have used life jackets or other floatation devices.

Children will be assisted by the instructor with floatation devices (pool noodles, floaties).
They will learn how to enter and exit the pool safely, pool and water rules including respecting other swimmers, and the proper way to use equipment such as kickboards and noodles.
Children will work on blowing bubbles, basic arm and leg movements that will lead to stroke development, and learn to float both on their front and back.

At the end of the session children will have gained confidence around the water and be able to swim independently with noodles and assistance near by.

Water Movement (Beginner ll) (9:30-10:00)

For swimmers who have taken swimming lessons before and /or are comfortable in and around the water. These children should be able to swim with a noodle with little help from the instructor, but have not learned stroke development yet.

Children will work on basic water safety, concentrate on arm and leg movements such as flutter kick and frog kick for stroke development for elementary back stroke, crawl, and breaststroke.

By the end of the session children should feel comfortable putting their face in the water and floating on their back with light assistance. They should be able to swim a short distance (10 feet) without a flotation device.

 Water Stamina (Beginner lll) (10:00-10:30am)

For swimmers who are comfortable and confident swimming independently without a floatation device for a short distance (10 feet), but still need assistance or a noodle for longer distances.

This level focuses on stroke development and timing of arm and leg movements for elementary backstroke, crawl, and breaststroke. Children will work on keeping their faces in the water and learn breathing patterns without holding their nose.

At the end of the session children should be able to swim longer distances without assistance of the noodle or instructor.

Stroke Introduction & Development (Advanced Beginner) (10:30-11:00am)

For swimmers who are confident with arm and leg movements for the basic strokes (backstroke, crawl, breaststroke) but still need instructions for breathing and stroke refinement.

The instructor will introduce sidestroke along with helping children refine their timing and techniques for more efficient basic strokes.

By the end of the session children should be able to swim longer distances and have improved their
mechanics for more efficient swimming. They will be starting to breathe with their face in the water for the crawl and breaststroke.



Whether you’re a beginner or an Olympic-level competitor, you can always learn something new from us. Call our front desk at 508-755-8223 for more details.